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Payer Matrix, LLC is a Specialty Drug Cost Containment Company who partners with commercial plans, Taft Hartley Funds, and TPAs in the industry to help mitigate the financial risk and growing liability related to specialty drug costs.

With over 30 years experience in the Specialty Pharmacy business market, the Company was formed to address the rising costs of these medications. Payer Matrix focuses on procuring alternative funding for specialty drugs, providing a substantial cost saving to our clients and members who may not otherwise have this type of discounted access to the medication they need.


Recent industry studies have disclosed specialty drug costs have accounted for as much as 40% of total drug costs, which can equate to a fifth of pharmacy costs for the entire year.

Our advocacy model can be successfully positioned with your organization at any time during the benefit cycle. It is our mission to create a comprehensive strategy to manage the increasingly high costs of Specialty Pharmacy, knowing health plans are struggling to keep these costs down.

Key Points and features of our Program:

  • Payer Matrix works with all PBM medical carriers

  • Our drug list includes over 300 medications for various chronic conditions 

  • HIPAA compliant 

  • Customized computer system and portal to track the member experience

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Our proprietary technology allows us to manage work queues, track adherence, set reminders prior to funding expiration, and bring you deeper insights into your member population through portal access.