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We’ve learned how important it is for both the member and plan sponsor to find savings for specialty medications. …Savings for the plan sponsor, and high-quality care for the patient.

The Payer Matrix difference

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Human capital

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Infrastructure and resources

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Technology and business processes

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Channel partnerships

High-touch service


Our team has decades of experience in specialty pharmacy, home infusion, and employee benefits management.

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We’ve invested in our staff and infrastructure to ensure that every client and member is engaged fully.


Our comprehensive high-touch service model is complemented by our proprietary technology platform which creates operational efficiencies and enhanced data insights.

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We understand the unique needs of the specialty patient, as well as how important it is to manage those complex conditions effectively.

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This serves the patient and plan sponsor in order to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

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We proactively engage members to ensure they understand the program and always have a dedicated representative they can speak to.


Patient-centered clinical management

Where pharmacogenetic testing is used to assess how a patient’s genome impacts drug efficacy and dosing.

Pharmacogenetics can help patients save money on expensive medications while improving the effectiveness of those medications.

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Pharmacy claims auditing

Our comprehensive pharmacy claims auditing services allow for continuous monitoring of PBM compliance, pricing, and contract adherence, in-depth analysis of medication utilization, identification and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse in pharmacy claims, and improved decision-making through customizable client-specific dashboards.

We deliver quality specialty care management to your members and impactful savings to your plan sponsors.

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